The Blessed Sacrament Chapel - Detail Maps
The Vault, North Wall, East Wall, South Wall, West Wall  

The Vault
The vault of the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament is covered by a rich decoration in white and gilded stucco, made between 1623 and 1627 from designs by Giovan Battista Ricci and showing Scenes from the Old Testament between cornucopias, arabesques, putti and allegorical motifs.

1. The temptation of Adam and Eve
2. The judgment of Solomon
3. David slays Goliath
4. The dome with the chalice and host
5. Samuel anoints David
6. Solomon and the priests sacrifice outside the Temple
7. The triumphal entry of Solomon
8. The creation of Eve
9. The creation of Adam
10. Samuel anoints Saul
11. Saul orders the slaughter of Achimelech and the eighty-five priests
12. Melchisedech offers bread to Abraham
13. The Queen of Saba visits Solomon
14. The building of Solomon's Temple
15. The expulsion from Paradise

The North Wall (Main Altar)

Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) designed the Altar, Tabernacle and Angels from  (1629-1674). The Altarpiece is a painting of The Trinity (1628-1632) by Pietro da Cortona (1596-1669).  The New Testament scenes (1623-1627) on the wall are by Giovan Battista Ricci (ca.1540 -1627).
1. St John the Baptist recognizes Christ
2. The Angel (left side)
3. The Altar and Tabernacle
4. The Trinity, Altarpiece
5. The Angel (right side)
6.  The expulsion of the money changers
from the Temple

Clement X Coat of Arms
The East Wall (Altar of St Francis)

The Altarpiece of St Francis receiving the Stigmata (mosaic 1795-1801) is from an original (1628-1630) by Domenichino (1581-1641). The scenes (1623-1627) above the altar are by Giovan Battista Ricci (ca.1540 -1627).
The East Wall (Altar of St Francis)

1. Pediment
2. The Angel Musician
3. The St Francis Altarpiece
4. Urban VIII Coat of Arms
5. Christ expels a demon

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        The West Wall (Organ)

The west wall holds the Gregorian organ (ca. 1582). The New Testament scenes (1623-1627) are by Giovan Battista Ricci (ca.1540 -1627). The crucifix was carved in the early 1300s by an anonymous sculptor. It was recently moved here from the Relics Chapel.

1. Pediment
2. The curing of the blind man
3. Gregorian Organ
4. The entry into Jerusalem
5. Medieval Crucifix
The South Wall (Rear)

The South Wall contains two paintings of angels by Giacomo Zoboli (1681-1767). The upper stucco scenes from the New Testament (1623-1627) are by Giovan Battista Ricci (ca.1540 -1627). The central gates (ca.1629-1630) are by Francesco Borromini (1599-1667).

1. Pediment
2. Angel
3. Christ cures the paralytic at the pool of Bethsaida
4. The Gates
5. The raising of Lazarus
6. Angel

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