A Wedding in St Peter's Basilica


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Newlyweds in St Peter's Square - Vatican City


A Wedding Photo at St Peter's in the Vatican


The Immaculate Conception Altar in the Choir Chapel
The Altar of the
Immaculate Conception
in the
Cappella del Coro



A couple light a Wedding Candle in St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican





The Entrance to the Choir Chapel in St Peter's Basilica
The Gates at the
Chapel of the Choir
St Peter's Basilica
A Wedding at the Church of St Anna in the Vatican
The Church of
St Anna Palafrenieri
in the Vatican




Newlyweds in the Colonnades of St Peter's Square




A Newly Married Couple in St Peter's Square - Vatican City Rome, the Eternal City, is the perfect setting for a wedding in Italy. We discussed this idea with Weddings in Italy by Regency the agency that has been organizing weddings Italy for foreign citizens since 1987 and that also has resident wedding planners in Rome as well, who know their city very well and can provide suggestions, advice and an infinite selection of dream wedding locations.

Visitors to a city like Rome, unique the world over, should let themselves be overcome by the combination of antique modern Renaissance Baroque Medieval sophisticated and mundane… and then chose the tour, sensations and flavors that is most suited to the individual.

Via Conciliazione leading to St Peter's Square and BasilicaThis should also be the approach adopted when choosing the location for a wedding in Rome. A wedding in Rome can be the most romantic experience of a lifetime! There are magnificent hotels with scenic terraces overlooking squares and famous monuments, baroque villas and palaces, churches whose history is rooted deep in the past and are so overflowing with spirituality that they touch the soul. I assure you that I have often seen people emotionally moved by such works of art. In the hills in the immediate outskirts of the city, noble villas and palaces of incomparable beauty with breathtaking views of the city are facilities in which one can organize receptions that will remain forever impressed in your memory and in that of your guests. But historical and artistic sites may also be the ideal location for a wedding, such as the Baths of Caracalla, an unusual and exciting place to celebrate a civil wedding.

But Rome is also the cradle of Christianity, home of the Vatican City, a site that awakens a profound joy in Catholic couples. For a Catholic, celebrating an event as fundamental as a wedding within St. Peter's Basilica has a profoundly spiritual meaning. Regency can help you with the organization and coordination of your Catholic wedding in St. Peter's Basilica, providing you with all the information required and supervising every stage of the wedding and of the ceremony.

The Altar of the Immaculate Conception in the Choir Chapel of St Peter's Basilica - Vatican CityWithin St. Peter's Basilica, Catholic rite wedding ceremonies may be celebrated. The wedding is celebrated in the Cappella del Coro (Choir Chapel), a lateral chapel that may be accessed from the left-hand nave entering the Basilica through the main door and following the side nave approximately halfway through the Basilica. In order to be able to celebrate your wedding in Rome in the sumptuous St. Peter's Basilica, precise rules and regulations must be followed. For example, the days during which wedding celebrations are permitted are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 10:30 a.m. It is also useful to know that the chapel seats 100 and another 100 may stand, for a total of 200 guests.

Couples who wish to marry in the Cappella del Coro in St. Peter's must have their parish priest send a letter in which the priest consents to the couple's marrying in St. Peter's and explicitly requests that they may be married there; the letter must also indicate the wedding date and time. Naturally, date and time must be previously agreed upon with the St. Peter's parish.

The Choir Chapel in St Peter's Basilica - VaticanThere are also specific regulations to be followed for the decorations. The music and the flowers (with the exception of the bridal bouquet and lapel flowers, which may be provided by Regency) must be supplied by the St. Peter's parish. Generally, external musicians and florists are not accepted. On the other hand, the photographic service may be assigned to the photographer of one's choice - who must however be authorized by the St. Peter's parish.

Weddings in Italy can provide a list of skilled professional photographers in Rome - but the request for the authorization to take photographs inside the chapel must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the date of the wedding; without the request for authorization, the photographer will not be allowed access to the Basilica. As far as the musical accompaniment is concerned, only church music is permitted and the instruments allowed are the organ and a tenor vocalist.

The cost of celebrating a wedding in St. Peter's must be paid by means of money order approximately one month prior to the ceremony.

We also suggest another possibility to celebrate a wedding in Rome inside the Vatican City: a catholic wedding in the Church of S. Anna Palafrenieri, located to the right of St. Peter's Square, the church of the Palafrenieri Confraternity.

Church of St Anna Palafrenieri in the VaticanThe church (photo on left) was completed in 1583. The overall architectural design is the work of Vignola, who made of this church his chef d'oeuvre in terms of architectural constructions with an elliptical design. The two bell towers were added at the beginning of the Eighteenth Century. The church's beautiful interior, with a harmoniously elliptical floor plan, is decorated with eighteenth century stuccowork.

Here, weddings may be celebrated any day of the week with the exclusion of Sundays.

Let the Regency wedding planners make sure that the entire organization of your wedding in Rome runs smooth as silk and stress-free. Allow us to take care of all the details for your wedding: documents, flowers, musicians, photographers, reception - all with professionalism and experience!




A wedding in the Choir Chapel of St Peter's Basilica
A wedding at the Altar of the Immaculate Conception in the Choir Chapel at St Peter's Basilica.
Beneath the altar are the remains of St. John Chrysostom and relics of St. Francis and St. Anthony.